This Cyber Designz Account privacy policy is composed to inform you regarding collection, use and disclosure of your personal information against our services we provide for all the apps uploaded in this account.

Apps in Cyber Designz account access following information which is necessary for the settings of the all apps.

1.    Collection of Data:

        All the data is collected from authenticated sources and the sources are mentioned in Disclaimer within the App.

        All content in the apps as per our best knowledge is in public domain but if there is any such which has copyrighted issues then feel free to contact us on our providing email id and we will replace or omit them all.

2.    Disclosure of User personal information:

        All apps ask you for the permissions of following fields including audio/video files, images, and microphone and device external storage. Stored information is not used for exchange of any data nor violated any App store privacy terms.

        Some data is stored by the device automatically which includes Device ID, browser and version of iOS. These all perimeters are collected to help us in the betterment of the services we provide through our apps. No such information is shared with any other selling parties nor are they published on public forms.

        All the Apps included ask you to grant permissions for access of location. We use location information as per the settings you have set on your cell phone. We use this location for the customization and improvement of our services.

        To provide you with the best some premium features are included in the Apps. To purchase them you have to provide your contact information along account details. The purpose of storing this information is to avoid any case of online fraud or any illegal activities but we indeed do not sell this information to any Government or else company.

3.    Use of User provided Data:

We do not sell, share and public your sensitive and personal information to any third company except for aggregation and statistical analysis of our Apps.

Only user provided and automatically collected information is provided to the third parties but yet again for services improvement. Following info is provided including:

        In case to comply with legal process as asked by the law

        User safety protection, user rights protection

        Investigate fraud

        Action in case of plagiarism

Those people who work with us and are in our trusted services, we share your personal and sensitive information to make our services improve and help in the development of some better features in the App.

Do Not Track Disclosure:

We use DNT for the access of user information. It is a preference you set in your browser to inform the websites that you do not want to be tracked. You can enable or disable in the settings. We use DNT services for the betterment of our app services.


We use the aforementioned contacting information to communicate you for sending emails and promotional stuff. You may opt out by unsubscribing the services by clicking on the link that we have provided in the email we send at the time of registration.

Children policy:

Only children above then 18 years old have permissions to access the services. Our services within the App do not serve any children below 18 year of age.

Contact Us:

We advise you to consult this privacy policy weekly so that you can come to know about any changes beforehand. If you have any query regarding our services and this privacy policy you can contact us at: